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World Isese Day 

Isese is the Yoruba word for Tradition and this day is celebrated all over the world by traditionalist as a day to highlight ancient Yoruba tradition and culture.                              

The appropriate greeting for Isese Day is “Isese l’agba”…

Isese day celebrates Yoruba tradition in a displace of culture, heritage and spirituality. This unique festival is celebrated in most Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria, West Africa and Africa.

It is also celebrated globally by Yorubas in diaspora communities all around the world with parties, festivals, parades, lectures and huge fantastic display of traditional gymnastics, fashion and apparels to attract tourists from other parts of the world.

In some other parts of the world, Isese day is celebrated in the month of May, although the actual day is a state holiday, week long festivities leading up to August 20, as is celebrated in Osogbo. Truly the date does differ depending on the country where it is being celebrated but the spirit of Isese tradition remain unequivocal and the same.

Governor Abiodun of Ogun state, Governor Adeleke of Osun state, Oyo state government and now Lagos state government have given August 21st as public holiday to workers to celebrate World Isese Day

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