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About Union Television

Corporate Profile

Union Television is an evolving globally recognized 24-hour Programs and News Media Organization. It comprises various television productions ranging from News to Infotainment, Sports and Entertainment etc.

Union Television is an off-shoot of LiDa Broadcasting Systems Ltd. [its parent company], which is a media organization comprising of TV, Radio, Print Press and Media Schools.

The organization is owned by Nigerian born (USA trained) investigative journalist and business moguls.

The idea is the brain child of the CEO, a concept which was shared with a teaming others and today is a fast rising global concept.

Union Television first began its operation in April 2014, with sub operations running in the Northern parts of the country. Today, it’s mainstream activities covers from Lagos State, Abuja and other parts of the world.

Operating in Nigeria’s hugely popular broadcast media market, Union Television is the first and major thriving national TV brand, dedicated to showcasing the beautiful African Culture, dissemination of Global news, Infotainment, Entertaining Shows, Sports and much more amazing features.

Union Television was established with the aim of cultivating and upholding the highest ideals in reporting global and local news. It was established to showcase the beauty of African Beautiful Culture and tradition, with fairness, accuracy and objectivity. In the same vein, ensuring the individual right to quality information and entertainment.

The company licensing process began in 2023 and is in process of allocation of its own frequency. It’s process to begin transmission under the name “Union Television” is also in progress. The TV station aims to broadcast to a well discerning audience of over 30million people.

The establishment of Union Television as a Programs and News Station was in response to the outcry of teeming numbers of Nigerians for a TV station that will do the following:

  • Uphold the ideals of fairness, equity, balanced reporting and right of the individual to be informed.
  • Air quality and safe Entertainment that moulds the individual into a responsible and healthy citizen of his/her nation, Society, family and to him or herself.
  • Inform and educate the public with our well-presented and accurate infotainment on several ideals of life. Ranging from proper/accurate dissemination of news to educative programs being fed the public.
  • Present African Culture and tradition in the most explicit, authentic and attractive manner that it truly is.
  • Give the people a voice and accommodate opposing views through our political enlightening shows, Vox pop and media banters.


Union Television takes enormous pride in its role of bringing out the authentic beauty of traditional African and Nigerian culture. Union Television takes pride also in upholding “healthy” entertainment for all-round mankind; of diverse ages, tribe and culture. And its biggest pride is of cause, in its role of an indisputable position today, as a global leader, in its own distinguished media sphere, is a remarkable testimony of its unequalled evolution.

The company is home to fast rising and globally recognized News broadcasters, Program’s team and astute Entertainers. Who have remained its key elements till today.

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