About UTV

Union Television is a subsidiary of LiDa Broadcasting Systems, an African-based mainstream media station, broadcasting out of Lagos-Nigeria with a mission to inform, enlighten and entertain. Through our professional and dedicated staff, Union Television news and information teams work around the clock to ensure that we get you in the know of newsworthy events in Africa and around the world within time in timelessness.

The mission is to be the one-stop media station for African and global news and information. To unveil the diverse people, cultures, and social values and bring answers to the mystery behind Africa and the world with the latest information on geography, politics, and entertainment straight from the source.

With a vision that sees that in the not-too-distant future, Union Television will be the first and foremost mainstream media station in sub-Saharan Africa that bridge the gap between the people and the much-needed information and enlightenment that offers a maximum opportunity that connects them to their means of livelihood.