Kendrick Lamar Crowned As “Most Important Rapper Of This Generation”

It is official, Kendrick Lamar has been bestowed with the esteemed title of “the most important rapper of his generation” by New York Times in a recent feature that highlighted the careers of both the artist and his longtime collaborator Dave Free. The esteemed publication also recognized him as a lyricist of unparalleled dexterity, characterizing […]

Top Five Richest People In South Africa In 2023

The Republic of South Africa is located at the southernmost tip of Africa, known for its diverse cultures, history, and economy. The country’s economy is considered the most advanced and developed in Africa, with a GDP of over $500 billion. However, despite progress, the country still faces major economic challenges such as inequality, poverty, and […]

China’s Foreign Minister Visits Africa

As the competition for influence in Africa between China and the United States intensifies, China’s new Foreign Minister, Qin Gang, has undertaken a diplomatic journey through five African nations to strengthen Sino-African relations. Formerly serving as ambassador to the United States, Minister Qin will visit the African Union headquarters in Ethiopia before proceeding to Angola, […]

Who Will Win FIFA World Cup 2022? —An Insight Into The Strongest Contenders For The Cup

Let’s explore some of the strongest contenders for being the worldwide champions of FIFA World Cup 2022. With footballing fans glued to their television screens while many others organize screening sessions in the local pubs, restaurants, and streets to celebrate the biggest sport that connects the planet, it’s hard to tone down your excitement. The […]


All you need to know: Prevention, Causes & Diet-Lifestyle Therapies… “Every dietary and Lifestyle choice you make daily, Will either fuel Cancer risk or reduce it. Choose the later” Tolani [Union Television]   One of the most sensitive health topics to be discussed is matters around the subject of cancer, not just because Cancer is […]


Nutrition Therapies and Lifestyle Modifications! “Every dietary and Lifestyle choice you make daily,Will either fuel Cancer risk or reduce it;Choose the later Tolani [Union Television] Welcome back to our beautiful discussion on Breast Cancer, after giving detailed medical explanations of what Breast cancer is and causative factors in part 1 of the series. Now we […]