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“Misguided propaganda on Infant feeding should be punished as the most Criminal form of sedition, and those death should be regarded as Murder.”

 -Culled from ‘Milk and Murder’

   Dr. Cecily Williams (Singapore rotary club)

“…and get some breast pump alongside your baby kits!”

That was the last phrase I heard the Nursing sister say as I got into a just concluded pregnant women class in a hospital of repute per chance.

The Nursing sister had concluded her lecture preparing these lovely women for their babies’ birth.

Of cause trust women, after the lecture they started another session on their own talking about which infant formula is best for their babies.

And how, rather than invest in right dietary intakes and best breast pump, they argued on about shopping for the house full of infant milk!

What are the benefits of breast milk over infant formulas:

1. Unique composition: It is globally acceptable that NO INFANT FORMULA has the unique composition of the breast milk. This is a miracle! The composition only changes at different stages of lactation and based on mother’s nutritional intake and nutrient stored before birth.

2. It has the optimal quantity and quality of nutrients in the most suitable and EASY TO DIGEST form. This reduces the incidences of constipation etc.

3. It is rich in protective factors that reduce the risk of infections (e.g. gastroenteritis, eye and eye infections) than food formulas which are just enhanced with added few bionutrients.

4. A child exclusively breastfed is markedly more developed with greater neurological networks than the one fed more on infant formula.

Infact several mothers have to say that there is marked difference in intelligence quotient (IQ) between their exclusive breastfed infant and the one fed more on infant milk.

Let me ask mothers! do you like to see a child more intelligent with lesser health disorders at infancy than yours simply because you prioritise infant formula over breast milk?

When the use or benefits of anything is not known, abuse becomes inevitable.

Why do we have infant formulas?

Are infant formulas manufactured mainly to be substitutes for breast milk (as the manufacturers propose) or to be used AT RARE INCIDENCES WHEN A MOTHER SINCERELY CANNOT BREAST FEED HER BABY?!

Whether in the case of maternal mortality (death during or after delivery), terminal diseases like HIV/AIDS and co and poor or no lactation (a case where a mother cannot produce milk well). These are the rare cases where infant formulas are needed.

The onus, therefore, is on the mothers to decide what is best for the development of the brain, health and future of their children.

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Written by Tolani Fasehun, RD

Clinical Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian

Presenter ONYXH Show

Assistant GM, Operation

Lida Broadcasting Systems (LBS)

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