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China’s Satellite Flight Over Taiwan Triggers Islandwide Safety Alert


China’s Satellite Flight Over Taiwan Triggers Islandwide Safety Alert

Tensions rose in Taiwan as authorities confirmed the passage of a Chinese satellite through southern Taiwan’s airspace.

A widespread “air raid alert” notification was swiftly disseminated to mobile phone users across the island, urging vigilance for personal safety.

The satellite’s launch took place from China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in Sichuan province, as disclosed by Taiwan’s defence ministry.

Chinese broadcaster CCTV verified the satellite’s identity as the Einstein Probe, affirming the mission’s “complete success.”

In response to the concerning development, Taiwan’s ministry has initiated an investigation into the satellite’s trajectory, aiming to issue suitable alerts and take necessary measures.

This islandwide alert, disseminated via mobile networks, marks an unprecedented move by the Taiwanese government, signaling the gravity of the situation.

The satellite’s flight over Taiwan’s airspace has heightened apprehensions within the region, sparking concerns about the implications for geopolitical relations amid the forthcoming elections.

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