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Elderly Woman Arrested For Illegal Sale Of Human Heads In Ogun State

Ogun state

Elderly Woman Arrested For Illegal Sale Of Human Heads In Ogun State

Law enforcement in Ogun State apprehended a group involved in the illicit trade of human organs, led by an elderly woman, following an operation by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

The arrest came after an officer, posing as a buyer, exposed the attempt to sell a human head for N120,000.

Various human organs, including kidneys, heads, intestines, and livers, were seized during the operation, authorities initiated the investigation in response to a surge in mysterious disappearances, suspecting a connection to the criminal activities of the arrested individuals.

Among the apprehended suspects were a grave digger, a buyer, and a seller involved in the gruesome trade, the buyer revealed a chilling four-year involvement in purchasing human heads from the elderly woman for spiritual purposes, sometimes acquiring them for as low as N10,000.

One of the grave diggers admitted to obtaining heads by exhuming corpses, highlighting the sinister methods employed by the gang, while another grave digger confessed to digging graves for the gang in exchange for N3,000 and also acknowledging his awareness of their trade in human parts sourced from cemeteries.

The elderly woman allegedly consumed a portion of human flesh during her arrest, attempting to deceive investigators by passing it off as ordinary meat, She claimed to have been in the illicit trade for two years, selling a limited number of human heads, which were shredded into tiny pieces for herbalists.

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