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FASHION: Body Type and Dress Choices [part2]

FASHION: Body Type and Dress Choices [part2]

Continuing from our previous edition of these topic, recall that we emphasized that in fashion, there is no one size fits all. That a dress looks flawless and fits perfectly on you doesn’t mean it will fit well on another person entirely. Hence it is important to understand your body type, shape and fabrics, so you can dress appropriately and therefore by that upgrade your fashion/ dressing quotient.

We touched previously on two body types, the Apple and Pear shape, today, we will be talking about two remaining body types and appropriate dress for them.


This is majorly known as the model shape; its features are same width of hips and bust with little definition to the waist. They have admirable shoulders that is wider than the hips with lovely great legs!

The DON’TS for this Body Types:

1. Stay away from pencil pants

2. Avoid round necks, off-shoulder and vertical stripes.

The DO’S for this Body Types

1. Choose clothes that draws attention to your fine shoulders and legs

2. Choose clothes that add volume to your hips e.g., styles with pleats or below the hip’s ruffles, these will draw attention to your waist line.

3. For bottom wear, choose pencil skirts and flared trousers

4. Choose flared sleeves, fit, cap and ¾ sleeves, in your tops is best for this body types

5. Avoid wide, square necklines and off-the-shoulder styles; rather do deep, narrow and boat necklines instead.

6. Wear belts on your waist to create the hour glass illusion.


This body type is hot! Its features are curvy proportions, defined waist, with even bust and hips measurements and significantly narrower waistlines.

Women with this body type should accentuates their curves and waist. Wrap dresses, jumpsuits, sheaths and fit and flare styles are great for this balanced body shape.

The DON’TS for this Body Type:

1. Avoid high neck, turtle neck tops and dresses

2. Stay away from double breasted jackets because they will add excess volume to your bust

The DO’S for this Body Type:

1. Stick to tops and dresses in solid colours

2. Go for sweet heart and scoop necklines; body-cons, shift dresses and hugging gowns will accentuate your curves

2. Add belts to narrowest part of your waist to add emphasis

3. Use palazzos, flared pants, pencil skirts, high waist jeans etc. for bottom wears

In conclusion, dressing is about expressing your style with “healthy” pride, wearing confidence and giving a good impression with every one of your presences.

I hope these few tips and guide helps!

Fasehun Tolani, RD. Union Television, LiDa Broadcasting Systems.

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