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France: Gabriel Attal Appointed As Youngest Prime Minister


France: Gabriel Attal Appointed As Youngest Prime Minister

In a move aimed at injecting new momentum into his presidency, French leader Emmanuel Macron has chosen Gabriel Attal as the country’s prime minister.

At 34 years old, Attal not only becomes the youngest prime minister in France’s history but also the first openly gay head of government.

The decision comes in the wake of the resignation of Elisabeth Borne, 62, who stepped down along with the entire government after serving less than two years in office.

The reshuffling of the cabinet is seen as a strategic move by Macron ahead of the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris and the European Parliament elections this summer, where his centrist forces face a potential challenge from the far-right under Marine Le Pen.

Gabriel Attal, known for his popularity and previous role at the politically crucial education ministry, is expected to bring a significant change of style to the prime minister’s office.

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