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Islamic State Jihadists: Turkish Authorities Arrest 32 Individuals

Islamic Jihadist

Islamic State Jihadists: Turkish Authorities Arrest 32 Individuals

Turkish security forces have apprehended 32 suspects associated with the Islamic State (IS) who were reportedly plotting attacks on churches, synagogues, and the Iraqi embassy, according to a security source.

The Turkish Intelligence Organisation (MIT) and police conducted early morning raids in nine cities, including Istanbul and Ankara, targeting members of the IS group.

Among the detained individuals, three are believed to be senior members of the extremist organization.

The successful operation effectively thwarted planned attacks on synagogues, churches, and the Iraqi embassy in Ankara, as confirmed by the source.

Turkey has recently intensified its efforts to combat IS jihadists, with Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announcing that 304 suspects across 32 cities had been detained on allegations of affiliation with the group.

IS extremists have previously carried out deadly attacks on Turkish soil, including the infamous 2017 nightclub assault in Istanbul that claimed the lives of 39 people.

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