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Military Chiefs from ECOWAS Will Meet in Ghana

Military Chiefs from ECOWAS Will Meet in Ghana

Military chiefs from the Ecowas will meet in Ghana this week to discuss intervention in Niger and political sources in the region.

The meeting that was formerly scheduled for last week but was postponed after ECOWAS leaders approved “stand by” force deployment to restore constitutional order in Niger Republic.

Recall that the president of the said nation was ousted on July 26. These summit that was held in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria also reaffirmed the blocs decision on diplomatic preference.

The West African States, ECOWAS gave the military rulers in Niger a one-week ultimatum in July, to restore their president or face the use of force, but the deadline ended without a U-turn from the junta.

Although mixed reactions from masses and analyst on the potential risk and hazards of using a military intervention was estimated to be operationally risky, there was enough divisions within ECOWAS ranks and domestic criticism as regarding succumbing to ‘the force’ approach.

However, on Sunday night, the Junta in Niger declared they have enough evidence to prosecute the Nigerien President for “high treason and undermining internal and external security”.

This threat was immediately condemned by ECOWAS, who see this as contradiction to the “purported willingness” of the regime to explore peaceful means.

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