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Portable Defeats Charles Okocha In Celebrity Boxing Showdown

Portable Defeats Charles Okocha In Celebrity Boxing Showdown

In a headline-grabbing celebrity boxing match, controversial artist Habeeb “Portable” Okikiola secured a decisive victory against Nollywood actor Charles Okocha.

The intense bout unfolded on Wednesday, December 27th, at Landmark Beach in Lagos state, captivating fans with a clash of titans, Portable, donned in striking blue boxing attire, faced off against Okocha, who sported a bold red gear.

Video clips circulating on social media depict Okocha attempting to evade Portable’s relentless jabs and punches, but the singer’s onslaught proved relentless, despite a momentary setback where Okocha managed to throw Portable off, the determined artist swiftly recovered and resumed his offensive.

After four intense rounds lasting approximately 40 minutes, the Zazu singer emerged triumphant, spectators echoed Portable’s signature slang, “Wahala, Wahala, Wahala,” anticipating his victory.

This high-stakes boxing match served as a resolution to the ongoing social media feud between the two personalities, stemming from allegations of a ₦40 million deal gone awry, where Portable accused Okocha of cheating him, and the disagreement escalated.

Okocha contended that no formal agreements were in place and cited Portable’s performance as subpar, ultimately compensating him ₦5 million. Unable to reconcile their differences, the duo opted for a boxing match to settle the score.

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